The Forbidden Arts
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Vital statistics
Type Large orb of great dark magical power
Effects Create anything or anyone the possessor desires
Destroy anything and anyone
Change people into anything; mostly animals
Dark magic
Source The Underworld (in the fifth film)
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The Forbidden Arts is a large orb of great dark magical power and strength. It was said to have been created by a trio of high-level sorcerers and a sorceress-Rothbart, Clavius and Zelda, who had worked as partners. They were notes of the powerful spells cast by its wielder that were written by Rothbart himself.

Role in the Movies Edit

The Swan Princess Edit

In the original film, the evil sorcerer Rothbart derived his evil magic from the enchanted orb he possessed. He planned to use its great powers of destruction to wipe out King William's kingdom once and for all. Upon failing to do so, he had then used the Orb's power of transformation/Change to transform into a bat-like monster known only as "the Great Animal" to take down William. He abducted Odette and took her his castle at Swan Lake, where had turned her into a white swan for half a night until the rising of the moon.

Escape from Castle Mountain Edit

After Rothbart's demise at the hands of Derek, the magical orb was hidden deep within the very heart of the castle. Unfortunately, one of its creators, Clavius, was continued to covet its immesne powers and ordered his lackey Knuckles to lure Derek away so that he could enter the castle and retieve the Forbidden Arts. Upon hearing this, Bridget, Jean-Bob, Puffin and Speed went down underground to obtain the Orb before Clavius.

The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the first three movies, it was shown to a large, orange-colored orb that is sentient and autonomous with a mind and will of its own; such as when it had created a red cushion to prevent itself from falling to the ground and obliterating everything and everyone. However, in A Royal Family Tale, the Forbidden Arts' origins are explained differently; as an evil force from the Netherworld that used the magical orb as its source of power.

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