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Princess Odette is the female protagonist and the beloved wife of Prince Derek in all four movies of "The Swan Princess."  She is voiced by the late Michelle Nicastro in the first three films and by Laura Bailey (credited Elle Deets) in "The Swan Princess Christmas" 'and' The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale.' 'She eventually becomes the loving and caring adopted mother of an orphaned girl named Alise.

The Swan Princess

King William holding baby Odette
In "The Swan Princess", Odette is born to King William and is welcomed by the kingdom's people. Rothbart, an evil sorcerer, tries to take King William's kingdom. The King finds out about this and his men attack the tower and Rothbart is banished from the kingdom. Before he leaves, he vows that he will take everything he loves. Years later, Odette is brought together with Prince Derek every summer by their parents, Queen Uberta and King William, in the hope that one day they wil marry, thus joining the two kingdoms.
Young odette and Derek
Young Odette and Derek meet for the first time.
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One summer, she is forced to meet Derek, even though she is reluctant to do so, until she sees him and falls in love with him but during a royal ball, Derek tells Odette he wants to marry her for her beauty, which makes her upset and rejects him once again. The next day, Odette and King William make their return home but they are stopped by Rothbart, who turns into a "Great Animal", proceeds to destroy the carriage and kidnaps Odette, with Derek following after them. After Rothbart takes her to his lair at Swan Lake, he puts a transformation spell on Odette which turns her into a white swan by day and a human by night. He mentions to her that the transformation spell can only be broken by a vow of everlasting love. 
Odette's first transformation into a white swan.

Rothbart asks her to marry him so he can control the kingdom legally but she ultimately refuses to do so as she is in love with Derek and hopes for him to rescue her. During her imprisonment, she meets a turtle called Speed, a frog called Jean-Bob and a puffin bird called Puffin who devises a plan to reunite Derek and Odette after finding out Rothbart's plans. She finds Derek, with the help of her friends, but he doesn't recognize her as he thinks she is the Great Animal and tries to kill Odette using his bow and arrows. It's only when she transforms back into her normal self do the two share a happy reunion but Rothbart calls for Odette immediately. Derek tells Odette that there's a ball the following night and asks her to meet him there. Unfortunately, Rothbart finds Derek's bow and tells Odette that there's no full moon the next night so he puts her in the castle dungeon, along with Bromley. Rothbart tries to send his hag, Bridget whom he has disguised as Odette, to the ball. Odette's friends, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed free her from the dungeon and she flies to the ball, hoping to get there in time but she realizes it's too late as the fake "Odette" stops her from seeing Derek. Unknowingly, Derek says the vow to the wrong "Odette", which causes the spell to drain the real Odette's life force, thus killing her. Rothbart appears and tells Derek what he has done.

She goes back to Swan Lake with Derek, now knowing what's happened, goes after Odette to save her. He is there too late as she dies from the spell but not before she tells Derek she loves him. Derek is heartbroken and engages in a intense fight against Rothbart, who turns into the "Great Animal" once more, and overpowers him, nearly killing him. Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed returns Derek's crossbow to him and Bromley, who's escaped from the dungeon, gives him an arrow to shoot Rothbart with. He fires the arrow and it lands right in Rothbart's heart, killing him and crashing in the lake. Derek sees that the spell has broken and Odette comes back to life, saying to her that he truly loves her for her courage and kindness and he always truly loved her for her kindness and courage.
Derek and Odette married
Odette and Derek are happily married.
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At the end of the film, Derek and Odette get married before going to the moonlight bridge and romantically kiss as the credits roll.

The Swan Princess II: The Secret of the CastleEdit

She is more worried that Derek no longer has time for her and their intensely close romantic love when Clavius locks her into the tower, she asks Puffin, Bridgett, Speed, and Jean-Bob to transform her into a Swan, and warn Derek, but instead rescues him while he was stuck in quicksand,

She was also almost thrown into the lava pool by Knuckles while she was tied up, but was rescued by Derek, and at the end with a mortally wounded Jean-Bob, changes back, and then has a picnic with Derek. She is voiced by Michelle Nicastro again, and this time Nicastro provides her own singing for the character.

The Swan Princess III: The Mystery of the Enchanted TreasureEdit

In the Movie Derek and Odette are preparing for the Festival Days holiday for the kingdom when a sorceress sneeks into the caslte to find the Forbiddden Arts.

Odette is kidnaped by Zelda, who will only release her if Derek gives her the piece of the notes he had stole from the Forbidden Arts journals. Derek comes to the rescue, but after a hard fight, Puffin anounces that Odette has been killed. Derek feels devastated and breaks down and cries for the loss of his beloved wife. But by burning the notes, the flames take on the shape of a swan and Odette herslef materializes, having been returned to life. 

Derek and Odette oversee the festival and she asks Derek how he feels about the kingdom now that there is no more magic. He says: "As long you're here ,Odette, there will always be magic." 

The Swan Princess ChristmasEdit

In the movie, Odette and Derek a celebrating their first Christmas together. But as she knew that everybody is having another behavior, she notice that Rohtbart a ghost, is behind all this. She tres to break the spell be Uberta and Lord Rogers. Rothbart tries to destroy Christmas using his powers to make everybody angry. Odette made it. The spell is broken. But Rothbart has other plans. One Christmas Eve, he appears and kidnaps Odette changing her into a swan once again. Derek who fought him once, comes to the rescue. Odette sees the fight and when it seems that everything is lost, she realizes the only way to save Derek, Christmas and herself, is that she must sing. It worked, Rothbart is defeated once more. But sadly, Derek dies in her arms, and she begun to sing leading the spirits of Christmas to revive him. And the Christmas tree also is restore. And all are Honoring Derek and Odette.

Chronologically, this movie takes place between the first and second films.  Odette says it is their first Christmas, but in the second movie, they are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.


Disney vet Richard Rich helms his fourth feature based on characters from the ballet "Swan Lake," who this time around must save Christmas. Despite some wizardly interference, Princess Odette and Prince Derek are determined to enjoy the holiday.

Swan Princess: A Royal Family TaleEdit

In this movie, Odette and Derek are happy as always while a group a flying squirrels think that Odette is evil. She helps the wood cuter with Derek. But two Flying squirrels attack Odette and they want to lead her to they tramp. But Derek rescuses her. The Evil Force is seeking for cencuries for a glowing green stone to destoy The Swan Princess, but it failed thought the years.

The Evil Force burns a house and a man with her only daughter called Alise are traps inside the house. Derek took out Alise father but he dies. But before he dies  he says to Derek: "Take care of Alise." Derek promise to raise Alise with Odette  as their daughter. The next mornig Alise woke up but when she sees that she is in the palace she wonders where she is. So Odette tries to brush her hair saying: "You have a beautiful hair". But soon Alis starts to cry and Odette remembers how she had lost her father. She promise to Alise to be always to be there for her. So Aise had confidence in her new famliy but she won't speak. Alise start to love her new family but a nightmare troubles her and Odette sings her a lullaby to make her feel better. The next moring she and Derek decided to adopt her as their on child and Queen Uberta is happy to be a good grandmother.

But soon Alise get's kidpnad by some Flying Squirls and Odette and Derek are off to save her and bring her back to the castle. The flying squirrels a preppared some tramps to elimate the swan princess. But it fails. One Flying squirrels nearly kill Derek by sending him a poising  arrow. Another flying squirl  helps Derek and Odette is glad. But soon she sees in a metal box the green glowing stone that whould destroy the swan princess. Odette wows to find Alise She nearly gets killed by Mangler( The leader of the group of the flying Squirrls.) Bu Squirly( called by Odette) saves her and Odette tries to free Alise but it's hopeless. Alise says to Odette: "The Crystall You have to break the crystall".  Odette tries to beark it but the Evil Force appears to destoy by it's own. But Squirly sacrafice his life to save her. Worried Odette starts to find Alise. Alise says to Odette:" Mommy". Odette was so happy that Alise was all right. The movie ends with a happy ending for Alise as a Princess. And Odette and Derek are very happy with their adopted daughter.


Shortly after the Royal Family adopts a young girl named Alise, she is taken away into the forest. Princess Odette, Derek and their woodland friends must work together to find a way to bring her home to the castle.


Odette's formal attire is a sleek white evening gown with blue-green puffs at the shoulders and long fitted sleeves. As a child, she wore a pale  pink dress with dark-pink on the top, stripes on her hat and long sleeves. When she was in her teens, she wore a purple gown with a dark -purple border around her. Throughout most of the film, she wears a white dress with long puffed sleeves and blue lining.

During the ball, the disguised 'Odette' wore sleek black and red dress with a golden necklace and for her wedding, she donned a swan-like dress with  and a crown with pink stones on the top of her crown that matches with her dress Briefly in the first movie and usually in the sequels, Odette wears a golden heart-shaped locket with a swan engraving, which was given to her by four-year-old Derek when she was a baby. In the fourth movie she still wears the same dresses from the first movies. 

For the party she wears, the same dress but instead in blue it's green just in the first movie. In the fifth movie she stills wears the same green dress tha she weared when she meets Derek when they are adults. But the her clothes are changed. Instead of wearing her oderny dress, she wears, a with bluse, with a black shirt, purple thousers, and black boots.

As a White SwanEdit

During her time as a white swan, Odette has a yellow stripe on her head and her eyes are the same in her human form, which differs from the other swans. She has been a swan three times on different situations, the first was a persuasion to marry Rothbart, the second was to warn Derek about Clavius, and the third to stop Zelda from getting away and in the fourth she tranforn into a swan by Rothart and she tries to escape but she's trap inside a cage made of roots.


Odette and Derek together.


Derek is Odette's official love intrest and husband. Growing up the two did not get along very well. When they were teenagers, they started having feelings for each other. When they met each other again in their adulthood, they instantly fell in love. Derek expresses his wish to marry Odette just for her beauty, which upsets her into rejecting him again. He's the one who revives her as he confess his true feeling that he truly loves her. 

He always saves her when she's in great danger like in the 3rd movie. In the 5th movie he and Odette adopt a girl named Alise, which her father died in they buring house. 

Speed, Puffin, and Jean-BobEdit

Odette's dear friends.

Queen UbertaEdit

Derek's mother and her mother-in-law.

King Wiliam Odette's father. He hoped Odette and Derek would fall in love to unite their kingdom, but dies before they were seen to.


In the original movie, she worked for Rothbart having disguised as Odette at the ball. After his death, she turned away from his influence and became Odette's dear friend.


She is Odette and Derek's new daughter. Odette will go on a journey to find her child.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Odette is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Odette is kind, gentle and sweet to everyone she loves and cares about. She is very brave and courageous under dangerous situations and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is the only one who is change into a Swan by day and in the night she regain her human from. 

Songs sung by OdetteEdit

  • "This is My Idea "
  • Far Longer Than Forever
  • The Magic of Love
  • We wanna here from you
  • Always with you. 
  • That what's you do for a friend
  • No fear
  • No fear( rap Version)
  • Far Longer Than forever( Pop Version). 
  • It doesn't get any better than this. 


(To Derek): Is Beauty that Matters to you?

(To her father):  I need to know that he loves me just been me.

I only kiss the man i love he...(Jean-Bob: must make a wow of evelasting love I know) And prove it to the world.

Speed make him understand (Speed: I'm only a turtle)

(To Rorbart): Go ahead then. But I'll never give you my Father's kingodom.

(To Rotbart): I will never be yours... you creature. I will marry Prince Derek and you cannot stop me!!.(Rotbart: I hate to tell you this Odette (And he takes her necklace)( But you won't be able to go to the ball, tomorrow night.) If you want to stop me, you have to kill me.

(To Derek): Oh Derek I've missed you so ( Derek: No one believe me. But I knew...) You can't stay.

( To Derek as she was in his arms weakly): Oh Derek... I I... I feel so weak.( And Derek hug her into his arms.) I think... I'm...( Derek as he knows she is going to die he intrreups her not allowing her to finish her thoughts: No... You will live Odette... The wow I made it was for you.) (Odette open her eyes and she smiled at him and says the most beautiful words that Derek can ony deserved by reach his face: I love you Derek. And she lyies back at the ground and Derek call her name three times but Odette didn't move her lifeless body again)

(To Derek as she and Derek were happily married): Will you love Derek? Till the day I die? (Derek: No Much longer that that Odette. Much Longer.)

(To Bridgett) Change me into a Swan!

( To Derek as he asks her why she is in her Swan from again) There no time to explain We have to go back to the castle.( Derek: Odette, thank you) ( Odette smiled at him.

(To Derek when everything seems in peace):Promise me Derek. There's no magic in the castle.( Derek smiled at her): I can't do that. So long as your here Odette, There will always be magic.)

(To Derek when he came back to life as Odette rivies him) You're back. (Derek: You have saved Christmas. And it wasn't even on your list).

No. Chritmas saved us all.

(To Alise): I always be there for you.

I made her Promise and I will keep it.

(To the Flying Squirls): Please Believe I never meant you any harm.

( To Alise): Alise! You gotta try this.

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