Knuckles (The Swan Princess)

Knuckles is the secondary antagonist in The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain, he works for the evil Clavius.


Knuckles is the sort of a guy who does what Clavius tells him to do. He is an expert of making traps, and causing damage on property. He does this to help Clavius gain access to the Castle.

He is also one who respects elders such as Queen Uberta and Clavius, but can't remember which one of the two he takes orders from. He is a bit heartless, as shown when he wouldn't help Derek out of the mud pit and betrays Derek after he ends up in the same situation later on.


Knuckles set an arrow trap for Derek, and then set fire to the fields to make Derek go after him and fall into his trap. Although Derek caught all the arrows, when Puffin tried to stop Knuckles, Knuckles smacked him into a tree, spraining his tail. Knuckles reported to Clavius that Derek survived his trap, to which Clavius was furious.

When Clavius kidnapped Uberta, Knuckles did everything she told him to, making it seem as though he was Uberta's servant instead of Clavius'. This made Clavius furious and he reminded Knuckles that his job was to kill Derek, and sent him to kill him with his next "Clavius trap".

Knuckles set various traps for Derek, including setting a wolf on him. Derek avoided all these traps, but when swinging across a pit of quicksand, Knuckles cut the vine sending Derek falling into the quicksand. Derek asked Knuckled for help but Knuckles left him to die, though he was saved by Odette, who had been turned into a swan.

As Knuckles was about to return to Clavius, he ran into Derek again, and decided to kill him with his fists. Derek eventually had Knuckles hanging onto the edge of the cliff overlooking a lava pool. Knuckles begged for his life so Derek saved him, however Knuckles immediately betrayed him and nearly sent him falling into the lava. When Odette tried to stop Knuckles, he tied her up, and while riding the basket to Clavius's mountain, Knuckles dropped Odette over the edge towards the lava. To save Odette, Derek cut the rope holding the basket up to swing on it, sending Knuckles plummeting to his death.


Voiced by Joey Carmen, who did Space Jam and played Triceratops in Dinozords.


  • He is the first minion character to die, followed by Mangler.