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King William is Odette's father who appears in the beginning of the first film. He devised a plan with the ruler of the neighbouring kingdom, Queen Uberta, to marry off their children, Derek and Odette. Shortly after Odette's birth, he defeated the sorcerer Rothbart and banished him.


He dies when Rothbart attacks him and his

King William holding baby Odette

King Wiliam holding his new born daughter.

A pround King holding his new born daughter and he named her Odette.

guards when they left Derek's Kingdom, and kidnaps Odette. After upon hearing this, Derek arrives and sees William laying on the ground, telling him that "it's not what it seems..." before dying. With William gone, his Kingdom is now Odette's and that is what Rothbart wants.


King William is voiced by American actor Dakin Matthews.

King William appears in the Flashback from the 5th movie. 

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