Name Bromley
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Friends Derek, Odette, Queen Uberta, Lord Rogers
Enemies Rothbart (movie 1)
Voiced by Joey Lotsko (movie 4 and 5)
First Appearance The Swan Princess

Bromley (Brom for short) is Derek's best friend (since childhood), sidekick, and fellow archer. He is the comic relief of the movie.

He is one the most funniest, devoted and mostly got into trouble besides Jean-Bob. He is also the one who got pestered by Rogers a lot, like in the first for "Catch and Fire", the "Suspect's footprint" and was grabbed by Rogers and thrown into a mud puddle.

He knew Odette since they were children. At first, he didn't like Odette and will often tease her along with Derek. Later, he grew fond of her.

Bromley always faints at the end of all three of the original movies: the first, he sees a shadow on the wall which Rogers claims to be the Great Animal back from the dead, but it was merely Uberta's hair styled into the shape of a swan. In the second, he faints after Odette changes back into a human from a swan. And in the third, while commenting to a young woman (who looks like one of the princesses from the first film) that the obstacle course "doesn't even have a snake pit", she points to a snake that has just appeared from the tree, and at the sight of it, Bromley faints.

Movie AppearancesEdit


Bromley has long dark brown hair, a pair of dark brown eyes, big triangular nose and pale skin. He wears a dark brown medieval scarf, light brown shirt with grey long sleeves, belt, long dark brown pants and a pair of brown shoes.


"Please, oh, please, oh, please". - While practicing "Catch and Fire"

"Well Rogers old man, I suppose you owe me an apology. After all, if it weren't for me, the Great Animal would still be alive!" - Bromley talking to Rogers in the end of the first movie.


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