Brodie as the lawyer

Brodie is member of the Scullions and acts as the second leader. He seems to act like a pirate and like a pirate he has also an eye cap. He comments to the orders scullions to imprison the Queen Uberta, Lord Rogers, Chef Ferdinand, Bromley, Brigit and Chamberlain in the Cellar. Inside the palace now the scullions are inside and Brodie is disguised as a Britain Lawyer and Lord Rogers does the same. In the movie he has "the power" and he sends Queen Uberta to Death. But soon it was interrupt by Jojo and Cutter by showing him the the true Legend of the Swan Princess

In Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today Brodie and the Scullions are used as security, keeping watch at Uberta's Castle. After Alise runs off He along with Puffin take a boat out to sea to find her

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